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Portland Drug Rehab OR‘s drug rehabilitation programs are intended to help anyone with a substance dependency problem attain sobriety. The experts understand that addiction is often a symptom of a greater underlying psychological malady, and Portland Drug Rehab OR‘s drug treatment regimens are designed to address these issues. The goal of rehab is not only to end a person’s dependence on a drug, but to empower them with skills and abilities to beat relapse.

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Treating Addiction with Therapy

Therapy zeroes in on the exact causes of the addiction and ways in which common pitfalls might be avoided in the future. Cognitive behavioral therapy, for example, seeks to identify negative behaviors or impulses and train them out of the individual, replacing them with positive and constructive thoughts.

Therapeutic Activities

  • Music therapy: Expressing yourself creatively can be a powerful aid to recovery. Playing music can allow you to express the feelings you might have difficult giving voice to. Art therapy is another related form of therapy.
  • Group meetings: A therapeutic community is a vital component of successful recovery. Surrounding oneself with a group of peers who share similar experiences can have a cathartic effect on the recovering individual. Individuals are encouraged to share their stories in group therapy meetings and come to terms with the reasons they began to use drugs.
  • Individual counseling: Whereas therapy focused on the source of the problem, counseling centers on defeating temptation in the future. Counselors work with patients to develop feasible strategies for avoiding stressors, handling cravings, and remaining drug-free long after they leave the rehab center.

The Purpose of Treatment

Drug recovery treatment can only be effective if the person involved sticks to their sober routine and completes their 45- to 90-day period of treatment. The mind must be given time to heal and train itself out of harmful habits. Portland Drug Rehab OR understands this, and also comprehends the need for personalized treatment: each drug is different and affects each person in various ways. At Portland Drug Rehab OR‘s rehabilitation center, you or your loved one will receive a plan that’s been tailor-made to the patient’s specific needs.

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