The Importance of Detoxification Treatment Program

In many cases, drugs create tolerance within the human body. As a person uses drugs repeatedly and intensively, they build up in the body’s organs and tissues, and the person’s system becomes accustomed to their presence. The purpose of detox is to provide the patient with an adequate period of time (and diligent medical supervision) as their drug of choice percolates naturally out of their system. This is called medical detox, as the trained clinicians overseeing the process may administer medication to ameliorate withdrawal symptoms. The process lasts several days to two weeks and is supervised around the clock to guarantee the patient’s safety. While detox is not a complete treatment, it paves the way for therapy and counseling—rehabilitation proper.

The goal of drug detox is to successfully, efficiently, and safely end a person’s physical dependence on their drug of choice. Portland Drug Rehab OR professionals then step in with rehabilitation care, which seeks to end a person’s mental dependence on their drug of choice. Their experts are standing by to answer all your questions about the detox process and recovery as a whole. To learn more, dial (503) 664-4440 now.

Detox is NOT Treatment

It’s important to bear in mind that detox is not a complete regimen of treatment. It only serves to reduce physical cravings and dependency. It is intended merely to guarantee the patient’s safety during withdrawal and prepare them for a full 45- to 90-day period of rehabilitation treatment. This treatment consists of counseling and therapy designed to teach the patient to confront their underlying psychological issues and avoid relapse with successful behavioral strategies. It’s vital that a person receive mental health care as well as physical detox treatment, or they are vulnerable to relapse.

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