Attain Sobriety through Alcoholism Treatment Rehabilitation

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Alcoholism Facts and Figures

Informed sources indicate that fifteen million people in America struggle with alcoholism, and not quite 40% of automobile fatalities are attributable to alcohol. NIAA (the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism) reported in 2013 that almost 87% of American adults had drunk alcohol at some point in their lives, and more than 56% had taken a drink during the past month. Apart from the human toll, alcoholism costs the United States millions of dollars in lost work hours and damages yearly.

Addiction vs. Abuse

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) define alcohol abuse as any pattern of drinking which causes problems for the individual—occupational, social, or otherwise. Someone who abuses alcohol can stop anytime they want; they are not physically or mentally addicted to alcohol, but are simply misusing it. Their misuse of alcohol is bankrupting them, or causing their performance at work or school to suffer. Someone who is addicted to alcohol, on the other hand, cannot stop drinking. No matter how much they want to cease (or even lessen) their alcohol intake, it’s impossible; they have become mentally and physically dependent upon the substance. They will experience undeniable cravings and withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking even briefly.

Interventions are a sensible idea if your loved one can’t admit that they have a problem. A trained interventionist and a concerned group of family and friends can help convince the individual to enter treatment as soon as possible. A direct intervention, wherein the patient and the family meet unannounced and face-to-face, is often the most effective method for persuading loved ones that they have an addiction and must seek help.

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